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Ayr Welding Limited has been providing custom commercial and residential welding to the Southern Ontario Area for over 33 years. We offer a wide range of services for companies in many diverse markets. Quality and Customer Service are our #1 Priorities. This has allowed us to expand our services from pipe welding and custom fabrication to millwrighting, refrigeration piping, equipment handling and piping system installations.

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Ayr Welding (1977) Ltd. has been providing high quality custom commercial and residential welding services to the Southern Ontario area for the past 30+ years.

After taking control of the company in 1977, Casey DeVos took steps to ensure that quality work, craftmanship and customer service was "job number one". This formula for success has allowed Ayr Welding to expand over the years into a wider variety of services for the commercial and residential customer. These include services such as: millwrighting, refrigeration piping, equipment handling, piping system installation and custom fabrication.

Ayr Welding Well Known Industrial Fabrication Specialists

Ayr Welding Ltd. has been providing high quality custom commercial and residential welding services to Southern Ontario for the past 34 years.

After taking control of the company in 1977, Casey DeVos ensured the continuation of this craftsmanship. His son, Welding Engineering Technician Chris DeVos, explained a little bit about the industry from his shop on Inglis Street. “I discovered my knack for welding in high school. I have since dedicated my career to understanding the latest welding technology.”

The company is also recognized by The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Welding Program. The CWB certifies Ayr Weldings' expertise in I beam, stair, platform and catwalk repair and fabrication.

The Bureau is also a Division of the Canadian Standards Association who certify companies like Ayr Welding to work on steel structures.

Now Ayr Welding has expanded into an even wider variety of TSSA approved services for the commercial and residential customer. These services include:

rigging, millwrighting, refrigeration piping, equipment handling, piping system installation, natural gas piping, sandblasting and custom fabrication.

Project Manager Brian Clemmer also happens to be brother to Bob, Ayr Weldings' Job Supervisor. Right now Bob is engaged with a project at a premix plant.

Meghan MacAulay is the Office Manager and the daughter of Casey and Janet. Janet, Secretary/Treasurer, makes this family business truly complete.

Brian explained how Ayr Welding is helping many solar panels make their way to the consumer market. “We produce a rack-mounted attachment called a 'Strongback' for a very popular dealer ofpersonal hybrid power systems. Our customer sells kits consisting of small wind turbines and solar panels. We help them fabricate equipment for mounts, trackers, towers, and controllers.”

A Strongback quite simply is a beam or girder which acts as a secondary support member to an existing structure. Strongbacks allow solar-panels to be pointed at the sun any time, without a

mechanical tracker. They're also fully galvanized.

Ayr Weldings' relationship with Dordan Mechanical continues to thrive, having just completed stainless steel process pipe upgrades at an independently owned Canadian poultry processor and supplier.

The plant uses High Pressure Processing (HPP), an advanced food processing system that uses ordinary water under extraordinary pressure to

“I discovered my knack for welding in high school. I have since dedicated my career to understanding the latest welding technology.”

significantly reduce the risk of contamination by illness-causing bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella and E.coli.

Ayr Welding also worked with Dordan to open Kitchener's distinctive School of Pharmacy in December 2008. Known for its colourful curtain wall featuring images of medicinal plants, the building optimizes natural light and uses organic materials.

Ayr Welding also has a project with a corn ethanol production facility that produces 80 million liters of fuel-grade ethanol per year.

“We installed process piping and air lines in their centrifuge area,” specifies Chris. “The process essentially extracts corn mash from the liquid. We also assisted with the starter system which better controls the ventilation.”

The project investors are a group of farm operators and other business people from the community. The livestock market will benefit from the high quality feed grains which is a co-product of the ethanol production process.

Ayr Welding also has strong ties with a Stratford based General Contractor and a Waterloo based contractor in the waste water field.

It's a dirty job, but they are proud of several successful sewage treatment upgrades, performed for water and wastewater service organizations across Ontario.

Aye Welding enables safe, reliable and cost-effective clean water services for many municipalities, First Nations communities, institutions and businesses.

They made custom roof covers that are designed to shelter the holding tanks at these waste water facilities. These tanks play an important job, performing something called 'Anaerobic Digestion'.

Anaerobic digestion is a series of processes in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen, used for industrial or domestic purposes to manage waste and/or to release energy. Ultimately anaerobic digestion reduces the emission of landfill gas into the atmosphere.

Traditionally the technical expertise required to maintain industrial scale anaerobic digesters coupled with high capital costs and low process efficiencies had limited it's potential as a waste treatment technology. Ayr Welding is helping change all of that.

Ayr Welding also does quite a lot of work at a cold storage facility where flash freezing preserves goods by subjecting them to cryogenic temperatures.“We installed all manner of piping to facilitate

compressors, condensers and evaporators,” adds Brian. “Flash Freezing relies heavily on controlled ammonia as well.”

With innovative technology like cryogenics, anaerobic digestion, and photovoltaic technology, Ayr Welding certainly is a trend setting company concerned with humanity's well being.

But they also offer simple wheel repairs, forklift calibrations, and other services to heal the inevitable abrasions and fractures that occur with industrial equipment.

To learn even more about Ayr Welding you're encouraged read the Dordan Mechanical story in the September 2009 back issue of the Business & Construction Times: www.bigbpublishing.com/BCTArchives

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